Coaching and mentoring

Do you feel time poor because you're working in your business and not on your business?


If the answer is yes then it's time to make a CHANGE!


There are times when everyone needs a coach. Even CEOs of the world's biggest companies and today many of Australia's leading retailers have achieved their positions because of our help. 

How we help


Our role as your coach is to help you identify areas of your business that are falling short of their potential and provide you with strategies for improving them.  We then work with you to make a difference. If you are searching for a mentor who will work alongside you to improve your business then contact us today. We can make change happen!


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I believe real and genuine one on one customer service is delivered when real enjoyment and enthusiasm is shown; delivered with a combination of knowledge & passion for fashion.

This cannot not be staged, it cannot be forced and it totally needs to be sincere.

Marguerite Bell encompasses all of these attitudes and masters this unique art talent within her training sessions.

She is inspirational, educational, analytical and business savvy.

Marguerite evokes the personal feeling from within.’  

Jacqueline Tarazy
Visual Merchandise Co-ordinator

W.Lane/Table Eight/PGFG