Store operations excellence programs

Retailers today face many, many challenges.


Driving store performance, delivering high customer service standards, maintaining inventory control, staff rostering, team training and development, marketing, administration... the list is endless. And at the same time, there's the ongoing battle to keep costs down. 


Improving store-level operations and delivering excellence often become neglected while working in the business. Yet, these fundamental areas yield a very high return on investment — especially in the service of delivering the same customer experience at each site.


For many retailers, setting, executing, achieving, and delivering consistent high-level store operations are challenging. The thought of introducing structure and organisational frameworks, gaining compliance and being able to adapt these to fit their organisational culture is far too challenging.

Let us help you


At Marguerite Bell Consulting, we work with you to make it simple and effective. From independent small retailers who need simple checklists to get their businesses on track, to larger footprint, multi-site retailers who require us to build frameworks, ensure business-wide compliance and follow through implementation - we can support you every step of the way.


If your business needs to increase productivity, implement and drive efficiencies, as well as achieve greater profitability then contact us today.


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