Keynote presentations and guest speaking
How to create THE most memorable retail experience


Today, people are shopping in-store, on different platforms and
across different applications and devices. Retailers must continue to elevate the customer experience to make the in-store experience even more compelling.


In this interactive session, discover simple ways to stay ahead of the competition  and ensure you are ticking all the boxes to create an exceptional and unforgettable retail experience for your customers.


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Customer service is your responsibility!


Retailers can no longer view customer service as an optional extra.
They must understand that providing a positive retail customer experience is vital. A coherent and successful retail service model is the differentiating factor between a successful and unsuccessful business.


This captivating presentation is designed to challenge each member
of your company and to get them asking themselves what they can
do to raise their own benchmarks when it comes to their customer service delivery.


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How to attain and sustain a sought-after company culture


Did you know that every time a business replaces a salaried employee,
it costs them approximately six to nine monthe salary?


For businesses to thrive in today’s economy, finding and retaining the best employees is vital and a challenge for many.


In this engaging presentation, it’s time to review the simple steps that many retailers are missing when it comes to engaging with and motivating their teams. Learn key points that drive and sustain a sought-after company culture that in turn leads your retail business to becoming an employer of choice.


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