Marguerite Bell Retail Consultant, customer service training
"From my first day in retail, I knew my life had changed. I had found my passion. From that moment on I made a commitment to change and influence the face of retail and retailers."
Marguerite Bell

Marguerite Bell specialises in increasing the profitability and reputations of retail businesses through the transformation and future proofing of their customer service experiences.

Marguerite is one of Australia's leading customer service experience consultants, dedicated to changing the way retailers think,
feel and act towards the people they exist to serve. Marguerite's focus lies in educating businesses to achieve the pinnacle of customer service by committing to a culture of training, motivation and innovation.


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"Marguerite is an energetic, motivated and future focused individual. She is absolutely passionate about retail and creating positive experiences - whether it be customer service, training programs or business consultancy. Talented and dedicated, she is quite simply, dynamite."


Kate Vernon

Executive Assistant

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